Happy Fourth of July and Summer’s Really Here!

Wow! I can’t believe we’re half way through the year already. There’s been a lot going on for me, as usual.

Some of it, though, has not been so good. My father is not doing well after sufferning a stroke in February and probably won’t make it through the summer. How I love him! I knew the time would come when I’d have to go through this, but somehow one is never ready. He’s a good man and has been with my mother for over 60 years now, though, and they’ve had a very good long life together.

Aside from the sad things, however, the rest has been moving along at a screaming pace. We’ve got a new Clips4Sale store, where you can purchase clips from our GoodSpanking site and movies, either because that’s how you prefer to get your jollies, or to preview what goes on at www.GoodSpanking.com and in our videos for sale on this site. The link is http://www.clips4sale.com/studio/36856 and we’ve already got 58 clips up, of varying times and prices so you can pick and choose little clips of special moments, or whole storylines. We’re uploading new clips all the time…almost every day!

Of course, we’re still moving along very well with our partner Sinn Sage and her www.SpankSinn.com site. AND, we’ve now added a SpankSinn inventory page to this site, so you can purchase whole SpankSinn DVDs, if you’re not a site joiner. Here’s the link to that catalog page, http://www.cpentertainment.com/videos/SpankSinnCatalog.htm

Coming soon. Our Buy One Get One Free Sizzling Summer Sale! It’s always a big hit and we’re going to try to get it up right after this holiday.

Love and Spanks,


16 Responses to “Happy Fourth of July and Summer’s Really Here!”

  1. Chelsea Pfeiffer Says:

    Hmmm, my Clips4Sale link isn’t working… Sorry! You’ll have to copy and paste into your address box. I need to get this thing privatized so these things won’t happen!

  2. Kelly Says:

    Hi Chelsea,

    Super cute picture! I’m sorry about your family situation. I agree it would not get easier if it’s someone you really love.

    Thankfully you have such a great diversion with your website and your expansion efforts.

    Any plans for “barbecuing” some naughty brats or are YOU the one whose behind will be well done? 🙂

    Happy 4th

  3. tim Says:

    chelsea happy independance day to you and Larry ,and i hope your Dad makes a recovery to health ,Kelly you make me laugh ,happy day to you as well lovey ,chelsea might Sinn have a blog can you ask her /? love and spanks from tim xx

  4. april Says:

    Chelsea, Sorry to hear that your father is not doing well.

  5. Kelly Says:

    Hi Chelsea,

    I hate to admit that I displayed some of my own fireworks yesterday at the grocery store. Careless cashiering combined with excessive pin # tries led to the outcome of my Bank card being “withheld” by the bank’s ATM machine until at the very earliest July 6. Since this was NOT my fault, I was NOT very gracious and released my frustration with rather passionate/colorful complaints. Not my finest hour, but thankfully wonderful people like you are able to assist those like me with our “problem areas!”

  6. jony Says:

    Hello mam I m your fan will you pls post your new nude or red bottom photo on this blog pls.

  7. TomTheDom4u Says:

    Dear Chelsea,
    you do not know me probably, unless you are reading Pixies blog regularly. Anyway, I just read your blog, dragged here by curiosity of what Kelly mischievously has done in here… just to read about your sad news.
    It is not my place, – i know – but i cannot keep my mouth shut and so here it is. Please give your father green aventurine (a gem stone), probably a necklace would be the best choice. i dont want to go into detail on the why, on public, as to spare me the groaning ‘your-shamanism-is-all-bullcrap’ comments, if you have any questions just contact me under the e-mail tomthedom4u_at_yahoo.de – i am glad to explain it further.
    happy spankings and thank you for your generosity
    all the best, tom the dom

    PS: as stated before, me posting here is all Kellies fault. you should spank her. soundly 😀

  8. tim Says:

    Chelsea enjoying your vids with the lovely girls ,hope you are both well and enjoying the summer ,love and spanks ,tim xx Kelly the same to you lovey .

  9. TIM Says:

    Chelsea look forward to your next posts ,enjoyed your vid with lovely little Sophie she is so cute and spankable ,love and spanks Chelsea and Kelly xxxfrom tim .

  10. TIM Says:

    Chelsea re spank sinn yes i believe there might be some vids missing would Sinn have a record of them trying to remember the cuties she spanked there ill check cutiepies sexyspanking blog and let you know here if i find any missing reviewed there,love and spanks ,tim xxx

  11. TIM Says:

    Chelsea look forward to your next post ,love and spanks and to Kelly from tim xxx

  12. TIM Says:

    Tara Lynn is a lovely young spankee girl ,i saw her her on Spank Sinn hre they were spanking each others cute botties pink lol so its great to see her otk with you giving her big spanks ,love nd spanks from tim xxxx

  13. TIM Says:

    Larry please would you give dear Chelsea my sincere condolences for her loss ,best wishes to you both from tim a member of her sites from U.K.

  14. TIM Says:

    Chelsea hope you well ,look forward o your next post ,enjoying your vids ,love and spanks ,tim xx

  15. tim Says:

    Chelsea and Larry happy thanksgiving from tim xx

  16. chelsea pfeiffer Says:

    tim you’re looking at my old blog page because you’ve book marked it. I have a newer blog on this site. You need to go to the first page of the site, http://www.cpentertainment.com and click on my journal link to get the new blog. Thanks for the holiday wishes. We had a lovely day.

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